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Some About Webmaster
My name is Malik Muhammad Asim.I was born at Multan
(Pakistan) in 1987. I got my primary and secondary education
from Multan. I am student of BS(Computer Science)
( I am not such good in studies).

Computer & Internet (Webdesigning),Music,Travelling,visiting the
historical places, and mountains etc. are my favourite hobbies,
(although I cannot spare much time for this activity)
I am also fond of reading books, Poetry & newspapers.

I like Romantic Poetry and Movies.My favourite poets are
Insha Ge, Nasir Kazmi, Faiz, etc.Tum Bin, Muhabbatien, Kal
Ho Na ho and Hum Dil De chokay Sanam are my favourite Movies.

Slow Music is my weakness.Late Ustad Nusrat Fateh
Ali Khan, Jagjeet Singh and Sonu Nigam are my
favourite singers. Shah Ruhk Khan and Salman Khan
are my favourite actors.

I'm A Person With Diverse Temperament, Nature & Mood.
Rather Very Complicated, Not So Easy To Understand.
I like to be Friendly & Caring to every one, no matter
If the person is some one I know well, Or some one
Who's completely A stranger to me, No matter if it's
my best friend, Or my worst enemy, I just try to be
loyal, Caring & Friendly. But never under-estimate my
intentions, because I've certain ways of being friends
with certain people. I hate Losing but now I'm getting
used to it because sometimes in the end, Losing is Also
Worth It.

Many Vistors of Aansoo.com ask me about my Love I got my
Love or not ?..where is my love ?..etc. Here i want to clearly
tell them Love's mean is not like that,that you only love
your girlfriend. Love is for your Allah too, Love is for
your mother too,Love is for your father too, Love is for
your brother's and sister's too...just Love every body
from your heart and soul and make the world a happy
place to live. Love is just a thing which 'll complete your
self and help you to discover this world and a very unique
way love is beautiful thing through which you can go to peak where you can do anything and this thing doesn't matter that weather that person with whom you love is there or not. Love is blind with out ego and expectation.

I can't explain the Love in this small site but I assure that you will share your thoughts and experience about Love by Joining our Community Forum.

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Best Regards,
Malik Muhammad Asim

( Admin & Designer )

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